Terms and Conditions


*If the car is not as described, or there is some discrepancy, we have the right to correct this within 15 working days before you are allowed to get a full refund of your deposit.

**All our concierge cars will come with a minimum of 6 months warranty and MOT as well as no service required for at least the following 6 months, unless previously agreed with the buyer in writing.

***Delivery is available at a price to be agreed depending on distance, transport method as well as day and time expected.



*Webuyanycar and other car buyers will charge fees to complete the purchase and even more fees to transfer the money within 24 hours. They will also deduct from their original valuation once they see the car in the flesh. We will do an accurate valuation based on the full description and condition of the vehicle and will pay between £100.00 and £1,000 above this value depending on the vehicle. This valuation will be subject to the car being in the condition described.

**We will sell your car on consignment for a fee, this depends on the value of your car. Once we have seen and valued your car, we will agree a timeframe and the amount to return to you once the car is sold. Should the car not sell within the timeframe agreed, we will review the pricing strategy with you and agree a new price or decide not to continue with the agreement. Should you decide not to continue or should you sell the car elsewhere, you will be liable for any expenses incurred by us whilst prepping the car for the sale.

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